Goddess of The Month: Gaia

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August's Goddess of The Month is Gaia! Lady Gaia, in Greek mythology, is Mother Earth and the Giver of Life. She is the spirit and energy in all things living; every blade of grass, every flower petal, each grain of sand, the waters and animals and she is deep within all of us. 

Gaia formed out of the great empty void of Chaos: light and dark, sea and land, blended in a shapeless pudding. She existed before time begin, for Time was one of her children. She also bore, Uranus, the starry sky god, her equal, who was both her son and her soon-to-be husband, and from that union, bore nine Titans and three Titanesses. Without a mate (WITHOUT A MATE) she produced the mountains and Pontus, the sea. 

Gaia has always been depicted as a buxom, matronly woman, half risen from the earth...portrayed as inseparable from her native element. In mosaic art, Gaia appears as a full-figured, reclining woman, often clothed in green, and sometimes accompanied by grain spirits--the Karpoi. The idea that the nurturing, fertile earth is female is widespread and has been prevalent since prehistoric times. There's The Venus of Willendorf who is widely believed to be an “Earth Mother.” The Egyptians and Sumerians had their fertility goddesses, The Phoenicians had Aretsaya as their Goddess of the Earth, The Inca had Pachamama, etc. 

Gaia embodies the depths of her femininity, her limitless source of creativity, compassion, and strength with themes of abundance, providence, thankfulness, nature, and divination.

I often write about the importance of connecting with nature and spending time with Mother Earth/Gaia. In our modern society we have created buildings and lifestyles which cuts off our connection to Gais. Even our footwear disconnects us from the earth. When we connect to our Earth Mother, we are grounded, connected—we can feel safety and love and bliss. I believe that disconnection from our Earth Mother brings pain, confusion, feelings of being lost...like a child missing it's mother. 

Some things you can do to strengthen your energy and connection to Gaia when you feel disconnected:

1. Plant your feet, barefoot, into the ground. Imagine cords from the soles of you feet connecting you to the Earth's core. 
2. Outdoor yoga/meditation.
3. listen to the sounds of the Earth; the songs of birds, whispers of the wind, wrestle of leaves, etc. 
4. Go camping. Spend days in nature. 
5. Go for a hike through the forest or mountains (barefoot if you can).
6. Swim in the ocean
7. Listen to this while lounging under a tree :)

Be kind to our mother Gaia!

Love and light, 


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